The pages of a lost book.

True beauty is like a book.

Cover can be deceiving,

but the content is what that matters.

Hi! This will be the first thing that I will write on this blog. I am a kind of person who does not want to talk about herself most of the time. I never realized that the need to express my feelings is sometimes inevitable. So first thing first, I am going to talk about myself now. (Forgive me if this will be out of your interest) Because my life, away from thoughts of normal minds, is like pages of a lost book: seldom read, out of sight, but containing the most subtle bright πŸ™‚

The best thing, I guess, I am proud to say that a girl like me comes from the most positive cocoon. I know I am beautiful in the ways that I know I am. I don’t have to feel bad about myself, because I know, in a way or another, I am pleasantly presented. Most of the people feel bad about their selves. Well that is unavoidable, we are imperfect HUMANS living in this imperfect world. We always search to what’s beyond our lines, and feel bad whenever we don’t get it. That’s the thing about being OPTIMISTIC, that anything might get on the way, but in your mantra, you will make it as easy as it to go through because everything that’s way impossible is possible.

The least thing, I am a very complicated person. I hate giving my self a try. I am most of the time contained by unexpressed thoughts that I can’t figure out. The most undesirable thing is that I can’t express myself well. I need to give it a try, but I am hindered by “subliminal” thoughts. So I end up sinking it down and forget-about-it-it’s-nothing-important drama. But I am as happy as I am. (See how troubled my thoughts are?)

But here’s the point, I would just like to give you the real pages of my lost book.

I was born on May 11,1994 in our province at Occidental Mindoro. I am the youngest in the brood of three, my brothers are an Engineer (24) and an Accountant (21). I am now 19 years old, taking up BS Pharmacy at Centro Escolar University. Being in the family of achievers, Dad being the valedictorian of their class and Mom being next to him as Salutatorian, my Brother who’s also a salutatorian and another brother who was their class valedictorian, I need to prove myself at some point. So I guess being the class valedictorian in high school would make sense. I hate numbers, but I love facts and info. That might be the reason why I took up Pharmacy. Chemistry and Biology are the things that captured my heart. Aside from these facts, any information about myself is not yet written.

The best things in life are really not seen by our naked eye. Sometimes, we have to get deeper to understand the real thing. Here’s the best part, we have our own version of true book. So whatever book you are holding now, make the best out of it.

I am Chin Cortuna, and these are the pages of my life :”>

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