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All The Lies 

Pfft. You did. Your lies. You said I am special, said you need me, said you love me. All of it was your lie. All of it I know would linger in just a matter of few weeks, then I know you’d be gone. Again and again.

You told me I’m beautiful, that you like my smiles. That you want to be the reason why it shows up. Told me I’m too good for you. Well I am, but it doesn’t matter… all because of your lies.

And the worst thing I did is to say I LOVE YOU TOO in your fake I Love Yous. Every. Fucking. Time. In all different languages I know, I said I love you. Because it’s real, because I do. But in the end, you did lie, telling me nothing but your coldness and irritation.

I find no reason to think of you anymore. But why the hell does it still come and go from time to time? Ridiculous! 



Well. This is, for most of the time, the hardest part to fill in. Maybe because I am not the type of person who loves to talk about herself. But in this site you can read the pieces of my life, my ups and downs, my victories and defeats. This is the only outlet where my brain can team up with my heart. For everyone who can't construct the words in the clouds of life. Happy reading! ❤️