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The Lady Glitter Sparkles

All girls might have worn Bridget shoes in her life in a way or another. Like doubting herself, having insecurities and feeling ashamed of her imperfections, being scared to say what she wants, and scared to fight for herself because there is the cliche or ‘social norm’ of just being a girl.

We all faced that, or might be facing that, or will be facing that. We all question why. Am I not pretty enough? Am I not deserving? It happens once in a while. It’s sad to feel that… like how Bridget was. So sad and hurt under her own space doing chores and washing the dishes while silently admiring and loving the prince of the Bergens.

But we can all be the Lady Glitter Sparkles, without faking or trying to be someone else.

We can do something about the things we want and like. After all, if there’s a will there’s a way! We can’t just sulk in a corner whining about life being unfair when it is actually being fair to all because it is unfair to everybody else. 

This is a matter of taking chances… of being brave. Of standing for yourself, fighting for things you like, accepting who you are, loving yourself first without losing your responsibilities as a good person.

Because it will all start within you before it will radiate to others. 

So to every little girls, teens, women who might be feeling a little sad being alone this Valentine’s Day, cheer up! 🙂 Start doing your Lady Glitter Sparkles make over without losing your inner Bridget. Don’t ever try to be someone else and fake your life. Just be true to yourself and accept who you really are and be proud. 

Like what the OST of Trolls said: so don’t be afraid to let them show your true colors, beautiful, as a rainbow 🌈

Happy Valentine’s Day, Single Ladies! 💕💕💕Remember that having a date does not only mean with the opposite sex. Who knows what next year might be? 

Disclaimer: I know it will be 2 more days before the actual day, but I just want to say this ahead of time to lessen sulking and whining and being bitter. Love you all from the bottom of my hypothalamus 😘😘😘



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