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I Miss You, Buddy πŸ’”

1:06 AM
I can’t sleep. I am thinking of you right now, Bud. About how unfair life had been. About how many bad people around the world deserve your sickness instead of you. I am still hurt that you didn’t even have the chance to finish high school. I am hurt that you can’t experience entering college. Or be the pilot that you want to be and travel the world. Or marry the woman of your dreams. I am hurt that I couldn’t do anything … but to feel guilty of the things that I could have done and words I could have said. Imagine how much pain you had to endure, and I wasn’t even around to share the load. I felt guilty all the time. I can’t do anything, Buddy. I wish I could but I didn’t know how. 

I miss you everyday Bud! Why did it have to be you? πŸ’”



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