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Being the morning person

Writing at 4:15am…

I’m trying to get some sleep coz I just arrived at our unit here in Manila. I know, my fault to travel at night…. I’m feeling restless but my mind is bitching me. Still hyperactive. 

I was planning to post something with sense but…. I’m just starving!!! I shouldn’t travel at night, again! No way!

Now I don’t know how will tire my mind up. πŸ˜•

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Excuse Me?!

So instead of telling women to wear decently so we can avoid being sexually harassed, why not educate the men to respect women whatever the type of clothes she wears? So what if a woman wears a shorty shorts or a crop top or a lesser fabric, does that mean a man is entitled to catcall her? A guy could even go shirtless!!! 

This society is really sick! Stop that double standards. It is not about what she wears but it is about what he thinks! Stop saying it is “men’s nature”. To what? To be horny when they see skin? Do not say it is the girl’s fault if she’s harassed or raped because she looks inviting with the way she wears that mini skirt! Like come on! Stop justifying that perverseness. Guys, please. Show some respect. Show some gentleness. 

And stop the cliche of a woman’s body as an instrument to sustain a man’s need! No! 

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Overloading Alert!

So this is me every time I travel!!!

LOL! Kidding aside, I am always in struggles on how to “limit” my stuff in my bags. I’ve been packing my clothes & things for almost 2 hrs already and I’ve been adding and removing clothes. I don’t know if I am the only one who do this but I always put 2 or 3 extras just in case the ones I should be wearing are not comfortable enough. At least for my choices.

I know, that isn’t a smart and practical travelling. But being a picky person when it comes to clothing, I badly need to have my extras. Thus leading me to jampacked bags. Oh boy! Help! I’m only having a week out and I am really having a hard time choosing right clothes & stuff to bring. 

Zzzzzz. This is my perfect representation, my inner attitude over there. Lololol! I promised to bring just my backpack and one duffel bag. Just that. No more overloading!!! Huhu I HAVE TO!

And yeeeey! I’m gonna be out! Sweeeeet ❀  πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

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Dear My 16 Year Old Self

Hey Chin,

This is me from your 22 year old self. I know you always say you want to go back to this particular age because you have so many things you want to warn yourself about and so many decisions you wished you never did. I know that. And I’m sorry you really can’t do anything about it now. I understand your regrets and confusion. I do understand now… they’re all making sense. And although we both wish we could turn back time, it’s not gonna happen. But at least, I know in the future you would be proud of yourself.

 I have to tell you that your desire to become a doctor is nowhere to be found now. I should have warned you that studying pharmacy will burn you out. You will always be sleepless and tired but believe me it will all be worth it. But then again, it will not sustain your dreams. Nonetheless, your choices are all good because I promise you, it happens because it’s meant to be. And I am just so proud of you right now!

You will also meet too many good people, sometimes too good to be true, and I have to warn you some will exhaust you. Some will be the light for you. Some will drain you. Some will help you cope up. Some will love you. Some will leave you, some will stay. But all of them will be the reason why you’ll be a better version of yourself today. Because they all build you up and tear you down, and that made you a better piece of art!

You will still like reading. You won’t stop, actually. And you will continue writing. I hope you didn’t put so much emotions and nakedness in your writings but that’s what you are going to do. You will enjoy your passion in music. You will play songs with your guitar in a room full people, imagine that? And you will get that dream of travelling.  You’d be proud because you can stand on your feet. You will be okay. You are πŸ™‚

 Above all, protect your heart. Multiple people will be smashing them, just don’t let them destroy you totally. Learn not to give your all and save a little for yourself. You shouldn’t beg for what you own. Choose the people you will let in, not everyone’s worth an open door. And learn to forgive. For others. And for your self.

And lastly, just enjoy your teenage. ❀


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I would just like to share this today! 

So, when I was still in College taking up Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, me and my groupmates won several awards in our undergraduate thesis. It was a very bloody & tiring & heartbreaking process just to come up with this complicated type of research. I experienced not being able to sleep and sacrificing plenty of time, effort, and takenote, money because we really wanted to bring out this thesis. 

I had to stand up for our group during the thesis defense because I wanted to prove them this wasn’t just a waste of our parent’s money. This is something useful and remarkable and bringing new idea and reference to the vast marine animals’ medicinal uses. Luckily, we hadn’t let our parents and professors down.

Entitled The Anti-Mutagenic Property of Fish Oil from Tamban (Sardinella lemuru fam. Clupeidae) In Mitomycin C- Induced Female ICR Mice, we decided to get it published in one of the biggest journals in the field of pharmacy and health sciences. Revising and editing and putting everything in a concise, short yet informative manuscript, I, being the lead researcher and my good friend Liza & our adviser and Dean, worked on it for several months. 


It’s been published! It’s available at the Vol. 3 issue for 2016, Jul-Sept of the Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, and it could also be viewed at its website 

Our intention for this research work is to help our needs in the unending dilemma to cure cancer. May this little contribution be a new light to other researchers out there! More than the fulfillment of publishing your work and having it copyrighted, my biggest reward in this is that more people will be informed and educated about the possibilities of fish oil to prevent mutations in our cells carried by the harmful mutagens we encountered in our daily living.

Indeed, finally! 

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Changing Hues

Soaked with my own tears, I looked myself in the mirror. I still can’t control my fears. As much as I tried not to care, here I am, silencing my pain and still trying to reach out. My attachments were never been clawed shallow. Because I dug deep, I want that connection. I don’t do temporary. I don’t invade personal bubble, I respect privacy, but I don’t do surface interaction. 

I tried to adjust, be accepted, engage and respond. I tried to get it personal and lasting… but my fears. I’m scared to be neglected, be left alone, be rejected. I’m scared to be pushed away and it unfortunately scars me. I envy those who could just not care and move on with their lives. I envy those people who are not sensitive. 

If I only have a choice. I wouldn’t choose these things that are killing me. I will choose to shut down anything that goes wrong so as not to cause further damage. I wouldn’t dare to get closer, I wouldn’t try. I will be selective. It could have been my choice. But then again…  

Being a person with the heart dominant over the brain, these are all null.