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Not Complaining

It was all worth it! I was absent from work for the whole week. Packing things, unpacking things. Cleaning and sweeping and wiping and arranging. It was very exhausting. It was all worth it!

This. It was worth it. Since my eldest brother started studying in college, my parents rented an apartment in the city. For eleven straight years we’ve been renting.

But this, it was all worth it. This is ours. This is hardwork. This is new beginning. This is a blessing. This is home. It was all worth it!



Well. This is, for most of the time, the hardest part to fill in. Maybe because I am not the type of person who loves to talk about herself. But in this site you can read the pieces of my life, my ups and downs, my victories and defeats. This is the only outlet where my brain can team up with my heart. For everyone who can't construct the words in the clouds of life. Happy reading! ❤️

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