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Wrong Signals

I didn’t learn from the 1st, or the 2nd or the 3rd time this happened. I’m so stupid! Really. Shame on me.

Don’t do that again. Like dropping me off but when I’m all okay and I’m sure as hell I don’t care anymore, you just appear from no where. And you make the cycle again.

Don’t do that again. Calling me with your fucking endearment but after days and weeks, even months of disappearing, you’d call me again, with that endearment that should be my favorite word of all like you just talked to me yesterday. It’s so annoying.

Don’t do that again. Having a confession? Telling me things which you said you never told anyone but me and I fucking believed it! I didn’t even second guess the tendency of me being fooled because I fucking believed you? Shame on me!

Don’t do that again! Please. Spare me my self-respect. Spare me the privilege to sprint out of your fucking game. Stop it! 

It’s breaking me, my whole me. It rips the part of me which should be the most beautiful in me. It turns my most beautiful part the ugliest, the most bitter, the most ruined, the most used. 

Don’t do it again. Your wrong signals. Please. 



Well. This is, for most of the time, the hardest part to fill in. Maybe because I am not the type of person who loves to talk about herself. But in this site you can read the pieces of my life, my ups and downs, my victories and defeats. This is the only outlet where my brain can team up with my heart. For everyone who can't construct the words in the clouds of life. Happy reading! ❀️

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