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Oh, Paris!

How badly I want to visit Paris one day. I seriously dreamed of being in the Eiffel Tower when I was still a kid. I had this jar that I was actually filling with extra coins & bills to save up for a trip in Paris. But I realized as I grew a little older that it won’t be enough savings even if I already graduate from college so I just opened the jar and buy myself new pair of shoes and accessories for my guitar.

But now that I am already working, earning much more than saving from my allowance when I was still studying, my desire to witness this beautiful place came raging again. I just recently read Jojo’s book “Me Before You” and as she described this little place in Paris, I instantly had this urge to think about the city again. I’ve never been in France anyway. Never been away from my little country. Never experienced life outside our borders. And never gave up to surpass these nevers one day.

I would love to sit on one of the benches outside a Parisian cafe, seeping some hot coffee with croissant smelling so yummy around me. I would love to see the colorful flowers around me, the humming of bakers and the busy street filling my ears with joy. I wondered how would it feel to breathe the air of Paris, and to eat pasta and pizza served from unfamiliar restaurants but would satisfy the cravings in me. I don’t mind spending the days with only myself in the picture in this City of Love. But it would be great to do this along with someone you care and love.

Oh, Paris! The thought of you makes my heart leap. It would be expensive and luxurious, but I would never ever throw the idea of you. You are a dream I want to live in, and it would never be the end to dream about you.

Yes, someday Paris, someday. You and I will meet and will make a perfect memory of a lifetime. But please don’t get tired of me. I will come, I just don’t know when. But the idea of you will make me work harder and harder and harder.

Someday, Paris. Wait for me!Β