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22 years ❤️

05-11-2016 (Philippine Time)

At last, this day came again. I would honestly say, I always look forward to every 11th day of May. Not just because it is my birthday, but more of ua special day for me in every aspect. I feel like this day, I am this special person to everyone. And I enjoy the feeling for I know this just happens once in every 365 days of Earth.

Thankful- The greetings of everyone, be they know me personally or not, made me feel really really special. 

Blessed- The thing that I celebrated it with my family, relatives, friends, officemates; I mean who wouldn’t feel so blessed if you celebrate it with the people you love?

Loved- In every single way, this is not spoken, this was felt deep down my spine. I just felt loved, and elated and proud and intoxicatingly happy ❤️

Thank you everyone for celebrating the day with me. I couldn’t thank you enough for this heart is exploding with happiness. 

Happy 22nd Year of Life, Chin. 😍

And everybody else wished me for love life… I just laughed because in my mind I can’t wish for more. That thing is just a bonus, I’m not in a hurry anyway… 22 years and not a single boyfriend, I guess the walls are just so majestic no one is interested in checking. Lol.

Now you know why I love number eleven. Happy 11th day of May. 

 Meeeeow 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱



Well. This is, for most of the time, the hardest part to fill in. Maybe because I am not the type of person who loves to talk about herself. But in this site you can read the pieces of my life, my ups and downs, my victories and defeats. This is the only outlet where my brain can team up with my heart. For everyone who can't construct the words in the clouds of life. Happy reading! ❤️

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