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When to say I LIKE or I LOVE YOU (Girl’s Perspective)

Guys should never tell “I LOVE YOU” or even “I LIKE YOU” to a girl when they can’t really prove it through actions. Sometimes, they just say it because according to them “that was what they really feel DURING THAT TIME”. So what was it after?

When you don’t mean the words you say, or when you are still unsure of what you feel, never say anything. Never confess something to a very complicated girl because I am telling you, it will make her complicated life more complicated.Don’t make her hope for the things you know you are not willing to do or give. Do not make her feel she’s important to you by treating her extra special, when aside from her, you do it to all other girls as well. Do not even attempt to ask her how she feels for you especially if you feel she has feelings already, because you will only just have the chance to take it for granted…


This might include a lot of DON’Ts. Why? Because most of men DO these things, and in the end they could not stand to what they say and do little, leaving the girls all waiting for something guys know will never come. When you are still not sure of what you feel, do not confess.

 Even if they act like they don’t care, deep inside they are already moved. That’s one thing about women: they can pretend on what they feel. But when they get really serious and they can no longer hold it, they will just burst out and will hold no control of themselves.

Guys, you should always be careful of what you will say to girls. You should be extra careful if it involves emotions. You don’t know their pasts, their wrecked life full of former disappointments and shattered hopes. Then there you will come, pretending to be someone who is ready to protect her at any cost… but will just leave her if you realized what you really like. You said nothing after. You made her fall and left her even before she can tell it to you. You left her CLUELESS, asking whys. Sometimes you will come back, will make excuses and make her feel special again… but you are still uncertain, so in the end you will leave her again, leaving her hopeful while clinging to the former words you said that you “like” or “love” her.

If you can’t still stand the words you say, don’t say it yet. Say it when you are ready to prove it. Say it when you are sure of it. Say it not because you are bored and needy of affection. Girls’ brain cells are as complicated as their hearts. So never play with their emotions. Because you don’t know how much impact it will leave on their whole life.

Be responsible of your words. Never give them the whole crappy things such as false hopes.

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Annyeong, Stranger…

Dear Mr. Stranger,

Hi! How have you been? I am actually not sure if this is justifiable to do… But since I already started, might as well I finish it too. Lately, we talked a lot. I almost forgot about time whenever we are talking (chatting) with each other. It is not my nature to talk to some strangers, but I don’t really know how and why I sustained a clear communication with you. I have to be honest, first- maybe I am really bored; second- I want to talk to someone else that time; third- you caught my interest because of your smart personality and wholesome character.

It was indeed funny, at how everything started… At first I am very reluctant. I don’t even know if you are being true to me as how true I am to you. I don’t care at all, in my mind I have the thought that “it is okay, He’s not obliged to be true to me.” Whether you’re telling truths about your identity or not, I found a very good friend in you. The truth is, I am not really certain about your true identity, I know little of you, even your name is a mystery to me. But I can feel comfort everytime you check and show concern on me.

Within a short span of time, I found myself comfortably talking with you. I don’t really know the exact term to describe it, but it seems that I gained a friend from you. I am comfortable already to joke around, to share stories, even to outpost my moods. The thing about you is that you respect me, you do not hurt my pride or even use harsh, violent and abusive words on me. I found your actions caring and sweet actually. Your little acts of kindness were the things that allowed me to go more of this little communication we build.

The very thing I liked about this little acquaintance is that, you know how to care for others. You are actually really sensitive, and even though at times we made fool of each other, if there’s a small eerie feeling, you’re gonna tell how sorry you were. I can really see the respect you have for me. You have no bad intentions, unlike other guys who will befriend others because they need “something”. We don’t have obligations for each other, but I am really touched by your caring acts on me.

one time, I was so depressed. I really cried (my only mechanism to make myself feel better) and you were like, really worried. You were really thinking of ways on how to make me smile even a little. It was a sweet action, even if it made you look so fool, you did not care. And I was touched with that kindness.

And you sing so well. Actually when you gave me 3 recorded songs and let me listen to them, 2 were actually based on my personal preferences. The first song? Well it made me really struck with it that even up until now I can’t move on and will sing it from time to time. I told you that night that I wanted to sleep so bad, but I can’t really sleep. Then you said you will give me a lullaby. So you sent me the link (actually a video) and there was you, singing a lullaby. It was actually the first time that someone I don’t really know sang for me. So again I got really touched. And the music did not just stop there.

When you sang my favorite song (Chasing cars) and another song which lyrics I posted and you commented with, I felt obliged to repay you. But whenever I say it would be enough, you’ll insist than “no, i just want to sing a song for you”. These simple acts of sweetness and kindness made me feel speacial, on I way I know it must not be felt.

And maybe now, after you entitled the last song you gave to me “Last ko na to” (this will be my last), I can feel that really you meant it, that will be your “last” since you never talk to me again. At first I found it hard to cope up and adjust for I got used to our usual routine of talking. And somehow I felt so distressed. But realizing how good it started and still good it ended, I feel happy at all. Within that month of friendship, I gained self-esteem as well. You always praise the things I am doing and helped me boost my confidence. You are really a nice person, and even though it just started, and had to come to an end, I am still thankful that I crossed path with you even in this short “stop over” of my life’s journey.

Asking me if I am missing you? Maybe a little because I got attached with the feeling of companionship. But realizing how little we have, I reminded myself that it was only that time when the two of us were only bored. None of it was real.

And so, I am closing these pages of my life’s journey, that while I’m on my way. I met a stranger along and had been my companion as I walk through. I am thanful for the companionship, for the short ride and for little time we shared together. Maybe this is long enough of what we can get…

Thank you so much, Jexter, for this little trip we had. And I hope someday, when heavens allowed, we will not be strangers anymore. I really want to be your friend. But for the mean time, I have to get off from the “stop over” and continue my ride 🙂

Godbless you and I hope to see you again some other time along the road. 😊👍


Chin – Your Angeling :))))