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Once a Poet

I was the editor-in-chief of our newspaper back when I was in highschool. Not to be so boastful of it, I’ve honestly been the EIC for two years, and I’ve been a journalist for seven years, competing for newswriting contest during press conference back then.

Writing for our newspaper had been my life during highschool. I usually write for the news page and the editorial page for my column. During the layouting of it, the staffers need to be there just to help my Mom (being the adviser) and Sir Ed (who is no longer an adviser but a Filipino supervisor in the division office). And I’ve never wrote anything for the feature page, not when my Mom made an article and named it after me. So this poem was my very first enrty, from the mere fact that I’m already a senior student, and it so happened that there were still spaces to fill and we no longer have articles on hand. So as the EIC, I wrote something for those spaces, it came to be this:


Sa ating paghihiwalay, mahal kong kaibigan

May makapagpapahid pa kaya sa luha ng paglisan?

Palagi kong babaunin ang bawat kasiyahan

Na kay tagal-tagal ay ating pinagsaluhan

Tila ‘di ko mawari na nalalapit na

Tatanggap ng sertipiko at ng medalya

Ngunit may kalungkutan pa ring madarama

Dahil tiyak sa kaibiga’y magpapaalam na

Sa ating pagtatapos, mahal kong IV-Dandelion

Inyong siguruhin, hindi ‘yan lalaon

Ang pagsasamahan nati’y palagi kong baon

Sa magiging pagtahak sa napiling propesyon

Kahit pa magkaroon ng bagong kaibigan

Hindi na mababago ang ating samahan

Tayo ma’y sa isa’t isa’y bibigkas ng “Paalam”

Darating pa rin ang araw “party-party” ang isisigaw.

I know I’m not really good when it comes to poetry, but the memories I had during the time I wrote this are precious enough to reminisce. I just really missed my highschool days, I just really missed my life back then 🙂



Well. This is, for most of the time, the hardest part to fill in. Maybe because I am not the type of person who loves to talk about herself. But in this site you can read the pieces of my life, my ups and downs, my victories and defeats. This is the only outlet where my brain can team up with my heart. For everyone who can't construct the words in the clouds of life. Happy reading! ❤️

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